Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cute Stuffed Hello Kitty

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Build a Bear Workshop has added lots of cute new furry friends.  Did you know you can order their animals, clothes, accessories and more and have them shipped right to your door? 

Maybe you have a special someone that lives far away, you could send them a new friend too.  

My favorite are the new Hello Kitty items.  Confetti cute and ready for fun! 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty is ready to celebrate.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

7 Blogging Conference Essentials

This week, I will once again head to the Bloggy Conference, sponsored by Bloggy Moms. When I headed off to the first conference in 2011, I really had no idea what to expect from a Blogging Conference.  I had been to conferences for youth, church and even teachers, but never anything for bloggers.  Some of my previous experience carried over to the Bloggy Conference and some lessons I just learned along the way.  Here are some of the best seven pieces of advice I can give to anyone attending a Blogging Conference...

1) Bring Business Cards / Branding Much of the experience at a Blogging Conference is networking with other bloggers and brand representatives.  You want to have something to provide each person so they remember you and are able to connect after the event.  Some people bring other small items with their information to hand out but a simple business card will work fine.  Make sure all your information is up to date. I had to print new cards this year since the domain for the blog changed and I wanted to include information about my Origami Owl business.  Some people also wear their brand on their shirts, bags, laptop stickers, phone cases and other creative ways of helping you see their logo and/or the logo of their sponsor for the event.  You might notice me sporting my Meacham Hams shirt one day since they helped sponsor me coming to Bloggy Con 14.  I also have stickers on my laptop now with my KY Klips blog logo and Origami Owl Jewelry (a little trick I learned at the first Bloggy Con).

2) Wear Comfortable Shoes When you attend a Blogging Conference, you want to look your best BUT you also want to be comfortable.  You will be spending most of the day in your outfit so make sure it fits well and still makes you feel good about yourself.  Shoes that are comfortable are a must for any type of conference!  You never know how far you will be walking from place to place and comfy shoes are a must.  Even if all the conference events are in one general area, you might decide to make a mid-afternoon Starbucks run with a few of your new blogging buddies and find that although the coffee franchise is located in the same building, it is really almost a mile away!  

3) Travel With an Adventurous Attitude Anytime I embark on a trip, I always view it as an adventure.  Although I am an introvert by nature, when I have paid money to be part of an event, I push myself beyond my comfort zone to get the most out of the experience. 

Many times I would rather hang back in the shadows and watch, but some of the best learning experiences happen when I put myself out there and live a little.  I will never see many of these people again, so what's the worst that can happen - my crazy photos be on Facebook for the world to see?  Oh yeah, that did happen... Oh well!  This is a photo from the icebreaker event at Bloggy Con 2011 and yes, it's still on the Internet.  

4) Use the Tech You Use Not only for a Blogging Conference but any conference that you attend, one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to use whatever technology you are comfortable with using.  Some people prefer to take notes with a paper and pencil so they can doodle or stay focused.  Sometimes when I have my tablet in my hand, I am tempted to "work on something real quick" or "check that message that's blinking" instead of paying attention to the speaker and those around me.  Personally, I like to take notes in Evernote so that I can refer to them later but sometimes I do better using my phone for communication, photos and note taking.  Of course, I will bring my laptop to use as well.  I prefer typing on it and will at least have it in my room should I need to work on something.  Even though my laptop is older, I prefer to have my personal stuff that I know how to operate.  Attending a conference or even just traveling in general is not a good time to be learning new devices. 

5) Power Up From a small afternoon conference at a local restaurant to a several day event at a conference center, the main tip I have learned is to pack the power strip.  I now travel with a small power strip and have found it invaluable even in the hotel room for all my tech gadgets.  If I bring my husband and daughter, we have 5 power cord just for our tech devices!  Another great tip is to bring a small extension cord.  My Dell laptop has a very short battery life.  Most conferences do promise power outlets, so yes, you may be able to find a power outlet but just how close do you have to sit to reach it?  I have been sitting at a table at the back of a conference room or even on the floor before just to get to a power outlet.  Now my bag includes a 9 ft extension cord and my small power strip and you wouldn't believe the new friends I have made with these little babies! 

6) Pause and Be in the Moment One of my favorite photos ever taken of me comes from that first Bloggy Conference in 2011.  I am holding a cup of my beloved coffee and listening to the conversation around me.  The photo was taken on the second day of the conference after breakfast when some of the attendees just gathered in an area with comfortable chairs to chat.  Even better than the coffee that morning, I was able to spend time getting to know several other bloggers / business ladies including Sara Broers and I can honestly say meeting her changed me.  She has taught me a great deal about social media and interacting with brands.  As a result of this meeting over coffee, I was later invited to northern Iowa to speak at the Upper Midwest Social Media Conference that Sara was a part of creating.  Sara continues to encourage me and others through social media and I am looking forward to reconnecting with her a Bloggy Con 14.  

7) Carry a Big Bag (or Two) When I attended the first Bloggy Conference, I went on a pretty tight budget.  Everything came from my pocket since I did not have any sponsorship.  I could not afford the expense of staying at the Great Wolf Lodge where the conference was held so I stayed at a more affordable hotel nearby.  My husband was able to travel with me and he needed the car during the day, so when I arrived at the conference, I literally had everything I could possibly need for the day on my back (or hanging from my shoulders).  This year, I will be staying at the conference hotel. Thanks Meacham Hams!  Although I will not have to pack everything but the kitchen sink with me this time, I will still carry one large bag to keep all my essentials nearby.  

These are some of my most important Blogging Conference essentials.  What do you have on you list?      

Photo credit: Angie Keiser 


Monday, September 8, 2014

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links**

  BE BLESSED ~~Janet

Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall TV - What I'll Be Watching

The leaves are beginning to change colors, children are back in school, stores and restaurants are selling pumpkin everything....   All of this means it is time for one of my favorite parts of the season, Fall TV Premiers.  

As an avid, television viewer, I love to see the return of old favorites as well as the optimistic pitches of the new kids on the block.  A handful of the new shows will still be airing after the first of the year but many will be scrapped after a few episodes.  

For all of the latest in Fall TV Scheduling on the network stations, I checked out TV Guide's Fall TV 2014 Schedule.  Most of what I watch will be on these channels, except for Property Brothers, 19 Kids and Counting, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and my beloved Dallas.

It also seems that Tuesday is the night for all great TV shows, so I will be watching one live and will catch the others in repeats or on the network websites later in the week.  

New shows I plan to check out include Madame Secretary on Sunday, NCIS: New Orleans on Tuesday, and How to Get Away with Murder on Thursday.  

Of course, my week will always include my favorite shows....

Dallas on TNT on Mondays

NCIS on CBS on Tuesdays

Usually, you will also find me on Twitter @kyklips on these nights, live tweeting along with my fellow fans of these shows.  

What shows are on your "can't miss" list this Fall?  
Are there new shows you are excited about checking out or any shows not returning this Fall that you will miss? 

This post will be linked up at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop this week.  Thanks Mama Kat for always posting a great list of inspiring ideas, hosting the weekly place for bloggers to link up our posts and for all your encouraging comments!